Friday, October 28, 2011

While studying marketing is worthwhile

While studying marketing is worthwhile and beneficial, often placing you ahead of the competition, students without degrees can still achieve careers in this field. Effective marketing is a core component of every successful business and is often more important than the actual product or service being sold. Those who can understand what drives customer’s purchasing decisions and is creative enough to find a way to convince them to buy their company’s product, can realize success in a marketing career.

To prepare students for a career in this field, marketing programs provide basic business knowledge as well as education in marketing areas such as sales, advertising, consumer behavior and communications.

If marketing is your chosen field, then the M.S. in Integrated Marketing, which focuses on marketing as a key element of business to support a company's overall growth strategy, is right for you. In contrast to a general-management program, all courses in this master’s degree are marketing-focused. Companies seek our graduates because they are prepared for leadership positions and have the analytic and strategic skills to be both generalists and specialists. Students consider this degree to be the fast track to CMO.