Saturday, July 21, 2018

Dragon Shout App

An application for the (Apple) IOS and Android is being developed specifically for RPG game players made ​​by Bethesda, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The application is not a mobile version of the game, but is really an application whose job was assistant to the players during the adventure in Skyrim.

The application name is Dragon Shout App, which takes its name from the ability that can only be done by the main character. On its official website mentioned that the main features offered by this application is an interactive map of Skyrim that can be seen on your smartphone.

With the map, users can include a special note in a particular location contains quests, items, or anything else specific. For those who play Skyrim certainly aware that this application will greatly help their game.

Just for the record, Skyrim is the name of the province of fiction which covers 41 square kilometers of the contents of the valley, and towering mountains. With an area of ​​it, of course, applications such as Dragon Shout would be helpful to remind them or any other location-specific enemy. By registering an account Shout Dragon, later users can access their data at any smartphone or even share them with other colleagues.

One of the development plan application is to allow fellow users to interact via Shout Dragon messaging services like YM or Gtalk. Currently, the development application is underway. The application is planned to be free to use for its users.